• Wear loose, comfortable clothing that BREATHES. You WILL work up a sweat. If you want to start off with a jacket or sweatshirt, that's okay, but be prepared to get HOT!
  • Wear PROPER SHOES - cross training shoes, aerobic dance shoes, dance sneakers (the ones with the round pivot point on the ball of your foot) are good - DO NOT wear "waffle" (wide-soled) running shoes, as they are restrictive for lateral movement and have treads that are deep and grip the floor too much, risking knee injury.
  • Drink PLENTY OF WATER before, during and after class. Hydration is very important!
  • DON'T worry about the steps! Zumba is all about having FUN while getting FIT. There are NO MISTAKES in Zumba! As long as you're BREATHING, as long as you're MOVING, as long as you're HAVING FUN, you're doing Zumba correctly!

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